Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Heavy Lift Experts En Route To The Canal: "Boskalis CEO: 'Rafting container ship can take days to weeks'"

 From Netherlands Public Broadcasting (NOS) via Google Translate (I have no Dutch, can't even order a Grolsch without possible misunderstanding):

It can take days to weeks for the ship to refloat at the Suez Canal. That said Boskalis CEO Peter Berdowski in Nieuwsuur .

A Boskalis team is currently on its way to Egypt to help with the recovery. They arrive at 4 a.m. on Thursday morning. "There they check how the ship is. They go on board themselves." At the same time, as much technical information as possible about the ship's ballast is collected. Information is also collected via satellite. "One team is flying, the other is already calculating", says Berdowski.

The Suez Canal in Egypt has been blocked by the huge container ship since yesterday . Container ship congestion has arisen on both sides of the canal.

Actions taken in Egypt today to refloat the ship, Berdowski describes as a "brave attempt".

"This is not an Amsterdam-Rhine Canal where you have the same depth over the entire width. You are dealing with an avenue in the middle that is up to 25 meters deep, but soon after that it goes to 15 meters, to 11 meters, and then even less towards the ends. The ship is 15.7 meters deep. Especially at the front the ship is one meter on the slope. "

You can see from the rusty brown underside in the photo below that the ship is really rising. "It's a very heavy whale on the beach, so to speak."....