Monday, March 29, 2021

UPDATED: "Headless bodies on the beach, Thousands are fleeing after deadly Palma Beach Hotel Attack in Mozambique"

Update: "Mozambique: The Single Largest Foreign Investment In Africa Is As Risk As France's Total Weighs Its Options"

From eTurbo Travel News Online:

The Amarula Hotel is a small hotel frequented by foreigners in the Northern Mozambique town of Palma. It was the scene of horror, with a team of heroes helping guests to flee after an Islamic terror attack. A British guest among others however did not make it. 

  1. Close to the border to Tanzania, the northern region of Portuguese-speaking Mozambique was under a deadly Islamic militant attack this weekend.
  2. Dozens of people are dead following an attack in the Indian Ocean beach town of Palma in Northern Mozambique, according to a spokesperson from the country’s defense department.
  3. There are heroes in this incident including the operation at the Amarula Hotel in Palma, Mozambique

Seven were killed trying to escape a siege on the Amarula Hotel in Palma,

More than 180 people including foreign workers are trapped inside the Amarula Hotel in the northern Mozambique town of Palma. The town is under siege for three days by fighters linked to the ISIL (ISIS) group, according to workers and security sources Hundreds of others, both locals and foreigners, were reportedly rescued. A British Hotel Contractor was killed....

....Witnesses have described hiding out while waiting to be rescued by boat, on a beach strewn with headless bodies.

Marine traffic websites showed a string of vessels around Palma, and the port of Pemba to the south, as people tried to escape by any means – cargo vessels, passenger ships, tugs and recreational boats....


In addition to this horror is the economic devastation of an already poor nation. More on that coming up.

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