Monday, March 15, 2021

China Does Not Plan To Stop Burning Coal

And if Zhou Bai Den thinks otherwise he's in la-la land.

Put simply, Xi will do what he wants to do while playing the rest of the world. Here's how you transfer tonnage:

And here's some serious coal-moving that they were building a couple years ago 

"Stunning aerial view of China's longest coal transport route..." 

China is still building-out its coal infrastructure.
You didn't believe the "largest developer of renewables" spin did you?

They are the largest developer of renewables and they are the largest developer of nuclear and they are the largest developer of coal and will be the largest developer of natural gas if they can steal a bit of Japan's cutting edge technology for extracting methane clathrates or American fracking tech.

From Xinhua's twitter feed, a fancy piece of engineering: