Tuesday, September 29, 2020

"‘Sushi-grade’ fish from salmon cells grown in lab by California startup"

From the New York Post, September 17:
Would you eat fish grown in a lab?

A San Francisco-based cellular agriculture startup thinks people will. The company, Wildtype, said on Wednesday that it has created “sushi-grade” cell-based salmon that it intends to sell to restaurants and, eventually, retailers.

Rather than being caught in the wild or raised in a fish farm, Wildtype’s salmon is grown from coho salmon cells in “a brewery-like system,” according to the company.
The sushi-grade salmon can be cooked in various ways or served raw and used in rolls, nigari and sashimi, according to Wildtype.

The company is taking a pre-order waitlist for any chefs interested in cooking with its products....

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