Tuesday, September 22, 2020

"A new potato disease in China"

Well there's a creepy headline.
I'm thinking it might be time to throw a  cordon sanitaire around China until they figure out how to slow the creation of new ag pathologies.
From Fresh Plaza:
Potatoes are an important crop throughout the world but a new and, so far, undescribed disease has been observed on potato plants during the growing season, and in tubers during the storage period, from Nileke County, Qitai County and other locations in Xinjiang, China.

Scientists at Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences have isolated a particular fungus from the infected potato plants and tubers. The variety of the diseased potato was Atlantic. The leaves were found to be yellow and wrinkled with wilted edges of the leaves. The diseased tubers showed a large number of depressions and many black lesions, as well as cracks. Some lesions were easy to peel off....