Wednesday, September 30, 2020

And Now It's Lab Grown Shrimp In Singapore

Following on yesterday's "‘Sushi-grade’ fish from salmon cells grown in lab by California startup".
From The Fish Site:

Investors flock to cell-based shrimp co
Shiok Meats, a cell-based shrimp company based in Singapore, has raised US$12.6 million in funding.
The series A funding round has been led by sustainable aquaculture fund Aqua-Spark*, while other investors include SEEDS Capital, the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore, venture capital funds from Korea, Japan, USA and Europe, as well as angel investors.

Shiok Meats, which has now raised $20 million in total, plans to use the funds to contribute towards building its pilot plant in Singapore. It aims to launch its first minced shrimp product in 2022 and follow up with crab and lobster versions. If successful, it will become the first company in the world to have a fully functioning commercial pilot plant for cell-based crustacean production....

We last looked at Shiok in January when they were but a single-celled organism:
Singapore Startup Hopes to Hook Diners With Lab-Grown Shrimp