Friday, September 25, 2020

"Kids can play with Alexa in their very own $300 pretend kitchen and grocery store CNET reports"

Isn't that a dream come true.
This is date February 22, 2020 but got lost in the queue, probably something to do with the pandemic.
From c|net:
The first Alexa toy is a $300 kitchen for kids, packed with dad jokes
We check out a prototype at New York Toy Fair to see how Amazon's voice assistant plays with preschoolers.

Kids can play with Alexa in their very own $300 pretend kitchen and grocery store, with the Amazon voice assistant dishing out cooking advice, shopping help and plenty of goofy toddler humor. The Alexa 2-in-1 Kitchen and Market, from toymaker KidKraft, is making its debut at this weekend's New York Toy Fair .  

The deluxe wooden play set will be sold on next year and includes dozens of accessories that prompt various reactions from Alexa. Not included: Alexa itself, which would come from parents' Echo smart speaker, designed to sit at the center of the play set...MORE 
Headline from and HT to the geeks at SlashDot.
And if you are desirous of a more comprehensive abdication of your life to Bezos, RT informs us:

Amazon Ring unveils tiny IN-HOME DRONE to spy on your property while you’re out
Amazon’s home security subsidiary Ring has released a tiny drone to watch over users’ possessions while they’re gone – capitalizing on paranoia and laziness while further cementing the presence of Big Brother in the home. 
The Ring Always Home Cam is a pint-sized drone that syncs up with the user’s Ring home security system to fly around checking on things whenever the user is away. Homeowners can watch it do its thing on their smartphones, but can’t manually control it – which must be frustrating in the event the flying spy does actually catch someone breaking in.

The drone is apparently outfitted with “collision-avoidance technology,” meaning it won’t crash into walls or knock over priceless vases, and hums loudly in order to announce its presence to anyone nearby. When it’s dormant, its camera is supposed to be hidden by the charging station....MORE