Wednesday, September 30, 2020

"Britain 'offers the EU a last minute concession on fishing' to try to break post-Brexit trade talks deadlock..."

From The Daily Mail:
Britain has offered the EU a last minute concession on the crunch issue of post-Brexit fishing rights in an attempt to break the negotiating deadlock in trade talks, it was claimed today. 
The UK is said to have offered Brussels a three year 'transition period' which would give EU trawlers time to adapt to new fishing arrangements in British waters. 

The plans would reportedly see the permitted catches of EU boats 'phased down' between 2021 and 2024 to avoid an immediate cliff edge. 

The proposals are included in a new negotiating paper which the UK has presented to the bloc ahead of the forthcoming round of trade negotiations, according to The Guardian. 

The move, not denied by Downing Street, will be seen as a last ditch attempt to resolve one of the key areas of disagreement between the two sides which have held up progress on other matters....