Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Economists vs. Ecologists

From John Tierney's NYT blog, TierneyLab:

Last week’s column about Bjorn Lomborg’s ideas for combatting global warming generated lots of angry comments, including the suggestion that Dr. Lomborg and I be fed to polar bears.

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    Feed Lomborg and Tierney to the polar bears!

    Oh, but that will only postpone the bear’s extinction by a day or two.

    — Posted by Patrick Furtado

I'm looking forward to the WSJ's Weekend Journal
reviewing my new restaurant; Der Eisbär.
"An eclectic menu, featuring seal and a delicious smoked Danish economist but strangely lacking croissants..."

Fatty Knut Put on Strict Diet

Knut, the world's most famous polar bear, is off the scales after eating too many snacks and has been put on a diet. The Berlin Zoo said Knut's handlers have been told to stop feeding him extra rations of croissant, fish and meat.

Looking more like a furry Sumo wrestler each day.

Looking more like a furry Sumo wrestler each day.

Former polar bear superstar Knut, whose celebrity has waned since he stopped being a cute cub, has been put on a diet because he is getting too fat, the Berlin Zoo announced on Tuesday.

"Knut has become noticeably round," zoo vet Andreas Ochs said. "So we shall be feeding him restrictively."

That means no more croissants and extra portions of fish and meat for the shaggy youngster, who turns eight months on August 5.

He is now believed to weigh around 60 kilograms but the zoo can't be sure exactly because its scales only go to 50 kilos... From Der Spiegel