Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Dirty, Dirty Hedge

Regular readers know I take childish pleasure from the incongruous behavior of hypocrites.
The humor comes at the interstices of words and deeds and a lack of integration (integrity) between the two.

When I saw David Gaffen ask the question "Is there such a thing as a “buy Goldman Sachs, sell Bear Stearns” trade?" at the WSJ's MarketBeat blog, I thought "That's a dirty, dirty hedge".

Which of course made me think of Senator Larry Craig.
Here he is on Meet the Press with the classic line:
"...nasty, bad, naughty boy".

I now promise you two things.
1) I will get serious.
2) I won't use the word "interstices" or the variant "interstitial" for, at minimum, 30 days.