Friday, September 28, 2007

‘This Is Going to Hurt’-Rep. Dingell and the Carbon Tax

From Newsweek:

A defender of the auto industry proposes a carbon tax that will cause everyone pain. Is the country ready for shared sacrifice to combat global warming?

Rep. John D. Dingell is a recent convert on climate change. In more than 50 years in Congress, representing a Michigan district that includes suburban Detroit, he has been a tough-talking defender of the auto industry.

But now Dingell is proposing tough legislation that would impose a sharp carbon tax on American consumers of energy, including a 50-cent surcharge on every gallon of gasoline. Some critics suspect that Dingell is posturing—proposing a far-reaching measure that’s sure to die as a way of obstructing other proposals. NEWSWEEK’s Jeffrey Bartholet spoke to Dingell about his change of heart, and his legislative aims. Excerpts:...MORE