Tuesday, September 25, 2007

At UN, Sarkozy Excludes Reporters Without French Passports, Tries African Photo-Op

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Ya gotta love ICP; when the traveling roadshow is not in town, at many pressers they are the only representatives of the fourth estate in attendance.
Here's the Sarko story.

At the UN's Climate Change Event, "False Dichotomy" on Coal, Bush Presented as Supportive

Attempts to ask the first question to President George W. Bush himself proved fruitless: Bush attended a dinner with Ban and others, but then rushed past the press afterwards. Inner City Press managed later to ask Mr. Ban about Bush, video here:

Inner City Press: Did you get any sense, Mr. Secretary-General, from President Bush, of how he viewed the outcome of today, or what will take place in his meeting in D.C. with the major emitting countries?

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: He also mentioned that, while he explained how technological innovation can help in addressing these issues, and he explained what he wants to discuss and wants to achieve. In forthcoming meetings, he has invited all these industrialized countries. He made it quite clear that what he is going to do was to help the United Nations influence, and the United Nations so that the United Nations can work to address these global warming issues, and I appreciate it for his firm commitment and support for that.

Inner City Press: Was there any discussion of just capping emissions...MORE