Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Planet is the U.N. Living On? and How to Make a Buck by Answering Correctly

How the heck do you square these stories?

From Reuters, 13Aug07
Kyoto projects harm ozone layer: U.N. official

From the UN via Scoop, 18Sep07
The Montreal Protocol and the Kyoto Protocol mutually supportive say top UN officials

From the UN 13Sep07
Battle to repair ozone layer ‘one of the great success stories’ In international cooperation, says Secretary-General on international Day

From the Gibson (NZ) Herald 19Sep07
Warmer than average and ozone hole yawning

From the BBC 17Sep07
More progress urged on ozone hole

From the New York Times 18Sep07
From Ozone Success, a Potential Climate Model

From AFP via IOL 13Sep07
Ozone hole has decreased since 2006... but should remain just below the record size it reached last year

From AFP 19Sep07
Faster ozone-depleting chemicals ban hits funding speed bump

And finally from IPS 20Sep07 this quote from the NRDC:
"There is a powerful lobby group of strawberry and vegetable growers in Washington"

Confused? How about me. I'm the one who has to explain to you how this year's near record ozone hole ties in to the price of a refrigerator in China. And the money to be made by knowing this stuff.

I'll do so tomorrow. In the meantime, if you wish to do some pre-study read these articles or do a Google search using the keywords: CDM HFC23. Or look at the pretty pictures of the developing ozone hole, from NASA.