Friday, September 21, 2007

U.S. PIRG: 100% Auction For All Cap and Trade

From the Press Release:
Report, below (37 page PDF)

Statement of Support For Auctioning All Allowances In Any Global Warming Cap-And-Trade Program

...Auctioning Allowances in Cap-and-Trade: A Clean, Fair, and Smart Solution to Global Warming

There are many paths America can take to reducing global warming emissions. Among them are “cap-and-trade” programs that couple a cap on emissions with a mechanism that allows businesses to buy, sell and trade “allowances” to pollute.

It is critical that any cap-and-trade program require the auctioning of pollution allowances, rather than giving those allowances away for free to polluters.

By auctioning pollution allowances, we affirm that no one has a “right” to pollute. Instead, we claim the atmosphere as a common resource, to be managed for the benefit of the public, which no polluter may foul without due compensation.

By auctioning pollution allowances, we reduce the societal cost of achieving emission reductions, enabling America to achieve its climate protection goals with less disruption to our economy and the lives of individual Americans.

And by auctioning pollution allowances, we prevent the accumulation of billions of dollars in windfall profits by polluters, and instead put those revenues to work on behalf of the public. Allowance revenues can support efforts to transform America into a clean energy economy and to provide a regular dividend or rebate to American consumers.

We call on state and federal lawmakers to limit global warming emissions to the levels demanded by the science and to auction all pollution allowances in any cap-and-trade program.

Carl Pope
Executive Director
Sierra Club
San Francisco, California

Mark Cooper
Research Director
Consumer Federation of America
Washington, DC

Chad Dobson
Director of Government Affairs
Oxfam America
Boston, Massachusetts

Roger Hickey and Robert Borosage
Campaign for America's Future
Washington, DC

Margie Alt
Executive Director
U.S.PIRG: Federation of State PIRGs
Boston, MA

Ilyse Hogue
Campaign Director

Lynn Thorp
National Campaigns Coordinator
Clean Water Action
Washington, DC

Howard A. Learner
Executive Director
Environmental Law & Policy Center
Chicago, Illinois

Michael Brune
Executive Director
Rainforest Action Network
San Francisco, California

Erich Pica
Director, Domestic Campaigns
Friends of the Earth
Washington, DC

Gary D. Bass
Executive Director
OMB Watch
Washington, D.C.

John Passacantando
Executive Director
Washington, DC

David Morris
Vice President
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Washington, DC

Rev. Sally Bingham
The Regeneration Project / Interfaith Power & Light
San Francisco, California

Van Jones, J.D.
President & Founder
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
Oakland, California

Tyson Slocum
Director, Energy Program
Public Citizen
Washington, DC

Bill McKibben
Step It Up 2007
Burlington, Vermont

Stephen A. Smith
Executive Director
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Knoxville, Tennessee

Seth Kaplan
Senior Attorney
Conservation Law Foundation

Rachel McMahon
Director of Regulatory Affairs
Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies
Sacramento, California

Ralph M. Martire
Executive Director
Center for Tax and Budget Accountability
Chicago, Illinois

Frank O’Donnell
Clean Air Watch
Washington, DC

V. John White
Executive Director
Clean Power Campaign
Sacramento, California

Tam Hunt
Energy Program Director / Attorney
Community Environmental Council
Santa Barbara, California

Kristen A. Sheeran, PhD
E3 Network: Economics for Equity and the Environment

Tom Athanasiou
Executive Director

Jason Barbose
Global Warming Advocate
Environment California
Sacramento, California

Bill LaBorde
Program Director
Environment Washington
Seattle, Washington

David Gahl
Air and Energy Program Director
Environmental Advocates of New York
Albany, New York

Jeremiah Bauman
Environmental Advocate
Environment Oregon
Portland, Oregon

Eban Goodstein
Project Director
Focus the Nation
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Michael Noble
Executive Director
Fresh Energy
St. Paul, Minnesota

Matt Baker
Executive Director
Environment Colorado
Denver, Colorado

K.C. Golden
Policy Director
Climate Solutions
Seattle, Washington

Diane Brown
Arizona PIRG
Phoenix, Arizona

Edward (Ned) W. Stowe III
Senior Legislative Secretary
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Washington, DC

Charlie Higley, Executive Director
Citizens Utility Board of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Erik Magnuson
Environmental Associate
Environment Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona

Fred Schlicher
Acting Executive Director
Massachusetts Climate Action Network
Boston, Massachusetts

Lauren Ketcham
Environment New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

David R. Celebrezze
Director of Air & Water Special Projects
Ohio Environmental Council
Columbus, Ohio

Rex Wilmouth
Denver, Colorado

Luke Metzger
Environment Texas
Austin, Texas

Gary Patton
Executive Director
Planning and Conservation League
Sacramento, California

Emily Rusch
Sacramento, California

Becky Stanfield
Environment Illinois
Chicago, Illinois

Dan Kohler
Wisconsin Environment
Madison, Wisconsin

Erin Bowser
Environment Ohio
Columbus, Ohio

Alex Matthiessen
Riverkeeper, Inc.
Tarrytown, New York

Dena Mottola
Executive Director
Environment New Jersey
Trenton, New Jersey

Ken Bossong
Executive Director
SUN DAY Campaign
Takoma Park, Maryland

Mark Ferrulo
Environment Florida
Tallahassee, Florida

Matt Auten
Environment Rhode Island
Providence, Rhode Island

Carrie La Seur, Ph.D., J.D.
Plains Justice
Mount Vernon, Iowa

John Blair
Valley Watch
Evansville, Indiana

Brad Heavner
Environment Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland

Chris Phelps
Environment Connecticut
Hartford, Connecticut

Marian Riggs Gelb
Executive Director
Iowa Environmental Council
Des Moines, Iowa

Jennette Gayer
Environment Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

Erika Staaf
Environment New Hampshire
Concord, New Hampshire

Paul Burns
Executive Director
VPIRG (Vermont Public Interest Research Group)
Montpelier, Vermont

Elizabeth Ouzts
Environment North Carolina
Raleigh, North Carolina

Frank Gorke
Executive Director
Environment Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts

Betsy Taylor
Center for a New American Dream
Takoma Park, Maryland

Steve Kirsch
Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation
San Jose, California

Harriet Barlow
HKH Foundation
New York, New York

Ann Hancock
Executive Director
Climate Protection Campaign
Graton, California

Casey Ehrlich
Blanket the Globe
Salem, Massachusetts

Cleaner, Cheaper, Smarter
The Case for Auctioning Pollution Allowances
in a Global Warming Cap-and-Trade Program