Friday, September 28, 2007

Global Nuclear Energy Partnership a potential nuclear suppliers cartel; IAEA proposals for multilateral fuel supply system may falter on participants’

From Green Markets:

Michael Richardson - a former Asia editor of the International Herald Tribune, and a security specialist at the Institute of South-East Asian Studies in Singapore - wrote in The Canberra Times,, (25/9/2007, p.17), “France had echoed earlier warnings from the United States and Israel that if negotiations with Iran over its controversial nuclear program failed, military action might follow. The United Nations Security Council has called on Iran to suspend uranium enrichment and other sensitive nuclear technologies”.

High anxiety: “This is where the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership and Australia come in. On the same day France issued its warning, the world’s five leading makers of fuel for nuclear reactors - China, France, Japan, Russia and the US - met with other concerned countries to enlarge a cooperative arrangement they formed last year, the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership”....MORE