Friday, September 28, 2007

Climateer Predicts

UPDATE below.
We don't do a whole lot of public forecasting at Climateer Investing. Partly this is for the reason stated by Warren Buffett in his 1987 Letter to the Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway:
 In a world in which big investment ideas are both
and valuable, we have no interest in telling
competitors what we are doing except to the
extent required by
law. We certainly don't expect
others to tell us of their
investment ideas. Nor
would we expect a media company to
disclose news of
acquisitions it was privately pursuing or a
to tell his competitors about stories on which he is

working or sources he is using.

Mostly it is to avoid public shame, humiliation and disgrace.
But we're willing to prognosticate from time to time. Here goes:

1) Recent action on the NYMEX leads us to the view that oil prices will
see $60 before they see $100.
(This comes with the standard Force Majeure provisions*, of course)


2) We predict a sudden and dramatic cooling of the Northern
This cooling is imminent and could see 100 degree Fahrenheit
temperature declines in some locales.
Mittens and scarves, kids.

*Including the Butterfly flapping it's wings in Borneo thing
(should we need an out).

See: "Buy a stock or two..." (caught about 1150 DJIA points)
"UPDATE: Jim Cramer Beats Monkey in Stock Picking Contest"
(left about $22 on the table)

UPDATE: We chickened out of the oil call, still sticking with the temp. Here's the follow-up.