Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Solar Opportunities Excite Turner

That Atlanta-Journal-Constitution headline just seems nasty.
I don't want to think of Ted excited. Nor Jane.
Here's the solar story:

Ted Turner made a fortune on his way to becoming one of the world's best-known tycoons. But the biggest opportunity he has ever known, Turner said Tuesday, is his newest one —- the solar business.

"I really believe ... this is the greatest business opportunity in the history of humanity," Turner said in a characteristically salty speech to an industry conference here. "The entire world is going to have to redo its energy regime, and solar's going to be a very big part of it."

Last year, Turner invested several million dollars in DT Solar, a New Jersey company that has its southwestern headquarters in Austin, Texas. He also created a holding company, Turner Renewable Energy, and said Tuesday that he's looking to expand his holdings.

In addition to increasing his investments in solar, Turner said he plans to start lobbying lawmakers in Washington to do more to promote solar power and otherwise address global warming....MORE