Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Climateer "Quote of the Day"

Back to John Tierney at the NYT, where we began this day, from the comments on Lomborg and Scientific American, Sept. 14, 2007:

Nobody had thought about Global Warming from early machines invention because Time is needed always for micro processes to express a change;I think Dr Lomborg had count on the plastic ability of the Tampon System of the Nature to neutralize many Intruders who try to perturbate the System ,but it’s very clear today that every tampon system had limits, once exceeded a great unpredictable phenomenon will occur especially when hundreds of parameters interact together ,and today we see a small amount of this New Expression.

If we have the opportunity to go back in time at the age where Earth was Virgin and we ask scientists which kind of lifestyle we should install ,the answer will be certainly a Stroumf or Robin Hood like lifestyle!!
For the sake of the environment as well as the human health.

— Posted by Dr Fayad H.Mehawej