Monday, January 9, 2017

What Izabella Hath Wrought: "Deliveroo riders are lawyering up"

Burning bridges, she'll never deliver in that town again.

From the Financial Times' flagship blog, FT Alphaville:
In case you missed it, FT Alphaville spent some time working as a Deliveroo takeaway-food dispatcher late last year investigating worker conditions in the gig economy as well as the legal status of employment contracts. What we discovered was that Deliveroo operates a highly centralised dispatch system, imposes mandatory shifts upon workers, offers little in the way of minimum wage guarantees and requires workers to absorb all associated operating costs. The resulting video can be seen here...

...We bring this up because on Monday employment specialist law firm Leigh Day, which won a landmark employment tribunal case against Uber in October that could set a significant precedent for gig economy business models, announced it will be advising Deliveroo riders...MORE
And speaking of food, Tarbell, party of four?

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