Sunday, January 8, 2017

Iran: Reporter Receives 40 Lashes For Fake News

From the National Council of Resistance of Iran:

Iran: Reporter Receives 40 Lashes for Writing on Traffic 
NCRI - A young Iranian reporter received 40 lashes on Thursday for “publication of false news on police stopping motorbike riders” in a city in central Iran.

According to a local news source in the city, the young man received the lashes after a complaint filed by the State Security Forces (police) in city of Najafabad.

Meanwhile on the same day, the Iranian regime’s judiciary in Southern Khorasan province sentenced a driver to 74 lashes for “insulting a road traffic control police.”

Lashing prisoners have soared in Iran in recent months. There is no official record on the number of inhuman punishment of flogging being carried out in Iran each year.

In some cities in Iran hundreds of people have been sentenced to this inhuman punishment in a month, according to the regime’s officials.
Archive photo, NOT fāke news so keep your whips to yourself
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Huh. Maybe it would have been a good time to give it a little nudge.