Friday, January 6, 2017

Decisions to Make At CES: Bluetooth Enabled Vibrating Hotpants or A $200 Smart Hairbrush?

Why not get both!

From Quartz:
...Kérastase Hair Coach

This $200 smart brush from L’Oreal and Nokia uses a gyroscope to assess brushing speeds, an accelerometer to count brushstrokes, and a microphone to “capture the hair’s soundwaves.” It then sends information about hair health to your phone—there’s an app that tracks your “hair score”—and employs haptic vibrations to guide and improve brushing techniques. The app also doles out product recommendations.

An app that states the physically obvious—dry scalp, dandruff, hair loss—isn’t much improvement over a regular mirror. And a brush bearing bad news (you’re balding!) seems like a mean gift for your self-esteem. Here’s what would be smart: A brush that washes, dries, and brushes our hair for us....

... Essential Vibrating Connected Jeans
Spinali Design’s vibrating hotpants (they also come in shorts, regular jeans, capris, and a skirt) feature sensors on the belt that get hooked up via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. For now, the smart jeans are just wearable GPS: They can guide you through directions by vibrating on the right or left side. But the French company has ambitious plans to integrate “security alerts, home support, [and] geolocation of your children.” Spinali has previously made connected bikinis that notify the wearer if they’ve been out in the sun too long. Also known as: sunburn.