Thursday, January 5, 2017

Barclays: 13 Potential Black Swans in 2017 (incl. riots in Chile, Musk delivers model 3 on time) TSLA

From FT Alphaville:

Barclays considers Elon Musk a potential commodity ‘black swan’ of 2017
To be fair, the list is 13 risks long and it’s mostly populism driven. But there is some Elon, as advertised:...MUCH MORE

Pretty funny, especially in light of this analyst report yesterday, via Barron's Stocks to Watch blog:

Tesla Motors: 4 Elon Musk Tweets to Expect in 2017
Tesla Motors (TSLA) released its delivery numbers yesterday, and while the number of cars that reached consumers during the fourth quarter disappointed, investors haven’t seemed to mind: Tesla shares have jumped 4.7% to $227.20. Don’t count Barclays’ Brian Johnson and team, who reiterated their underweight rating, among the bulls. They offer four Tesla predictions for 2017 in the guise of potential Elon Musk tweets...MORE
Here's the format Benzinga used, imagined Musk tweet then analyst comment.

Tweets Expected
Tweet 1: “Great progress so far on Model 3, but still have a number of tweaks ahead — thus will take a little longer than expected.”

Tesla is likely to announce a Model 3 delay, given the “high risk of execution missteps, a challenged track record on meeting timelines, cost challenges, and potential impact from an otherwise full plate of initiatives in ’17,” Johnson wrote.

Tweet 2: “Time to derisk a capital raise.”

The analyst assumed a $1.5 billion capital raise in Q1 2017, while noting that the company had a track record of cash burn and that the markets may not be as accommodating as it had been previously to a capital raise being undertaken to fund operating losses....