Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today in OccupyWallStreet News: "I'm a F***ing Journalist, You Motherf***er!"

Okay, it was last night but whoever said headlines had to be accurate?
From Jr. Deputy Accountant:

Yes, "I'm a fucking journalist, you motherfucker" is a direct quote from self-described independent journalist Luke Rudkowski who runs the website We Are Change. Odd, I would think a real journalist would know that "politicians" should not be spelled with an apostrophe after the "n" in the context in which he used it on his site (peep the "poll" on the right sidebar) but hey, maybe I'm a Fascist Grammar Nazi. Lord knows I take advantage of editorial freedom myself now and then.

Here's the text of the YouTube video his "organization" posted, which apparently shows Rudkowski getting his ass beat by New York cops:
Journalist Luke Rudkowski was attacked by police Wednesday night while trying to document the Occupy Wall Street arrests in NY. NYPD used pepper spray, batons, and brute force to move protesters away from the entrance to Wall Street after many tried to push through police barricades. Rumors immediately circulated that police provocateurs dressed as protesters were to blame for the incident.
Um... I'm against the police state as much as anyone but, uh, if you push past police barricades, expect to get your ass pepper sprayed. We know many cops are little more than glorified security guards with an authority complex, why exacerbate the problem by ignoring their directives to keep yourselves within a certain area? And if you're out there with a Flip camera trying to document it as the "media," you better make sure you present yourself as such. You know, like real journalists do when they're in a war zone in an obvious PRESS vest.

Anyway, here's his mission statement as posted on We Are Change...MORE
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