Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today in Blather: Vapid Load of Jargon Edition

I've never seen these guys, the producers of the Ig Nobel awards so brutal.
From Improbable Research:

Today’s Vapid Load of Jargon is the sentence:
“Too many so-called thought leaders are just parroting what they’ve read or heard, whereas a true thought leader espouses.”
We found this Vapid Load of Jargon on a web page called “Thought Leadership.” The sentence is said to be written by Gary Bertwistle, who is described as a “multiple author of books.” “Multiple author” is an unusual profession. One of Mr. Bertwistle’s books is called What Made You Think of That?.

The Thought Leadership page itself is said to be written by Craig Badings [pictured here].

Also at IR, the good stuff:
Further TV news roundup of Ig Nobel reports
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BONUS: Forbes reports on the prize.