Monday, October 10, 2011

Illinois Representative Asks Obama To Get Serious about Job Creation: "Fire Immelt" (GE)

Via the Chicago Examiner:

 Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) sent a letter to President Obama on Ocotber 5, 2011,  asking him to replace the General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt as the head of the Council on Job Creation. Immelt's actions as head of General Electric have raised serious questions about his dedication to jobs for Americans, and reflects on Obama's will to get Americans working again, according to an October 5, 2011, press statement from Walsh.
The letter that Walsh sent to Obama can be seen at Dear President Obama
 Walsh stated: “With the unemployment rate hovering at 9.1%, we need to create American jobs to get this country running again. Since the President‘s appointment of General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt to the Council on Job Creation, GE has paid zero federal income taxes in 2010, moved their medical imaging headquarters to China, and is moving into the Chinese aviation industry . This is a perfect example of why jobs are not being created in America, and why the employment rate continues to sink.
 “First, President Obama surrounded himself with academics who have never created a job in their entire life, and then he appoints Jeffrey Immelt, outsourcer-in-chief of GE, to head his Council on Job Creation.  If President Obama is seeking advice on how to export jobs or avoid paying taxes, Jeffrey Immelt is the perfect choice.  But if President Obama is serious about putting Americans back to work, then he needs to start talking to American small business owners.”...Joe Walsh