Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Registered Sex Offender And Ex-Con Needs Your Help As He Plots Hedge Fund Comeback"

From DealBreaker:

Dealbreaker faithful, an exciting opportunity is upon us. Does everyone remember money manager Albert Hsu? To refresh, the co-founder of fund of funds Anchor Point Capital went away in 2007 after it was revealed that he went on to a site called and posing as his ex-mistress, placed an ad seeking an undesired (on her part) “real-life abduction and rape scene,” after she told them they should see other people. Just before he began serving his two and half year sentence, Hsu told the Stamford Advocate that he hoped to return to investing after being released from prison. At the time, we ran a poll asking if, given a chance to put money with a recently paroled sex offender, you would sign up. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, I’d like to revisit that question....MORE 
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