Thursday, December 30, 2010

Markets- Tale of the Tape: "Top 10 Technical Developments in 2010"

Here are the top 10 technical charting developments that happened during 2010 as selected by our crack staff of technical analysts. See if you agree...

10. Apple surpassed Microsoft in market capitalization on May 26th and gained over 50% on the year.

Apple is currently valued around $298 billion, while Microsoft's market cap is around $239 billion. Both recorded around $65 billion in sales for the prior year. No prizes for guessing which is growing the fastest.

9. Shanghai Composite continues to show relative weakness.

While the S&P 500 zoomed to new highs in December, the Shanghai Composite ($SSEC) peaked in early November and moved lower in December.

3. Agriculture prices breakout of a two year consolidation.

Higher prices at the farm could eventually lead to higher prices at the supermarket or the restaurant.



HT: Investment Postcards from Cape Town