Friday, December 31, 2010

How the 2011 Chinese Rare Earth Quotas Were Allocated

We see our old pal Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Hi-Tech Company Ltd. is only fifth in the allocations.
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From Technology Metals Research:
On December 28, 2010 the Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced the allocation of rare-earth export quotas to individual companies operating in China, for the first half of 2011. Including a provisional allocation of a small export quota likely to be awarded in March 2011, the total allocation for H1-2011 is 14,508 t of rare-earth materialsAs previously mentioned at TMR, there was some initial confusion in the subsequent press reports on the numbers associated with the announcement – or more specifically comparisons with H1-2011 figures.
The individual allocations of quotas are listed in the table below, divided into lists for Chinese- and foreign-owned companies. The two lists are sorted from highest-to-lowest allocation. It can be seen that the rare-earth enterprises operated by Rhodia (Baotou Rhodia Rare Earth Company and Liyang Rhodia Rare Earth New Materials Company) and Neo Material Technologies (Zibo Jiahua Advanced Material Resources Company and Jiangyin Jiahua Advanced Material Resources Company) received between them the majority of quota allocations for foreign-owned companies, operating in China.
The original announcement was published on the Ministry’s Web site, in the Chinese language (naturally). Associated English language versions, picked up and reported on by the mainstream media, neglected to include some interesting details on how the allocations were made to the individual companies.

Allocation of rare-earth export quotas to individual companies in China, for H1-2011. Source: Chinese Ministry of Commerce
Exporting Company: Chinese-OwnedAllocation (tonnes)
Baotou Huamei Rare Earth Hi-Tech Company954
Inner Mongolia Baogang Hefa Rare Earth Company750
Leshan Shenghe Rare Earth Technology Company750
China Minmetals Corporation747
Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Hi-Tech Company740
Shandong Pengyu Industrial Company709
Gansu Rare Earth New Materials Company689
Yiyang Hongyuan Rare Earth Company594
Sinosteel Corporation584
China Nonferrous Import-Export Company Jiangsu Branch493
Jiangxi Golden Century Advanced Materials Company432
Guangdong Rising Nonferrous Metals Group Company431
Xuzhou Jinshi Pengyuan Rare Earth Materials Company410
Jiangxi South Rare Earths Hi-Tech Company401
Ganzhou Chenguang Rare Earth New Materials Company374
Grirem Advanced Materials Company333
Ganzhou Qiandong Rare Earth Group Company329
Funing Rare Earth Industry Company327
Jiangsu Geo Quin Nano Rare Earth Company251
Changshu Shengchang Rare Earth Smelting Company196
Guangdong Zhujiang Rare Earth Company166
Ganxian Hongjin Rare Earth Company102
Exporting Company: Foreign-OwnedAllocation (tonnes)
Baotou Rhodia Rare Earth Company867
Zibo Jiahua Advanced Material Resources Company805
Jiangyin Jiahua Advanced Material Resources Company481
Yixing Xinwei Leeshing Rare Earth Company440
Liyang Rhodia Rare Earth New Materials Company324
Huhhot Rongxin New Metal Smelting Company296
Baotou Tianjiao Seimi Rare Earth Polishing Powder Company251
Baotou Santoku Battery Materials Company127
Baotou Huaxin Smelting Company93
Pingyuan Sanxie Rare Earth Smelting Company*62
Sub-Total: Chinese-Owned10,762
Sub-Total: Foreign-Owned3,746
Total for H1-201114,508

* The quota allocated to Pingyuan Sanxie Rare Earth Smelting Company is provisional, and will only be allocated once its infrastructure improvements have been inspected and approved by a local regulatory agency in March 2011.