Thursday, December 16, 2010

Michael Moore Pledges Wikileaks Founder's Bail; How Good is He as a Market Timer?

Methinks Michael felt he hadn't had any publicity recently and this would be a cheap way to garner a bit of attention.
[it's working, you're blogging about it -ed]

From Agencia Cubana de Noticias (Cuban News Agency):
...The brave and brilliant American film-maker Michael Moore stated that he has offered WikiLeaks his website, his servers, his domain names and anything else he can provide to “…‘keep WikiLeaks alive and well while it goes on working to expose crimes that were concocted in secret and committed on our behalf and with our tax-paying dollars’...”

Moore states that Assange “is suffering ‘such a merciless attack’ […] ‘because he has shamed those people who have hidden the truth’.”

“…‘notwithstanding whether Assange is guilty or innocent […] he has the right to pay bail and defend himself’. […] ‘I have joined forces ―for this reason― with film-makers Ken Loach and John Pilger and writer Jemima Jan and I have offered money to pay his bail’.”

Moore’ contribution came to $ 20,000....
Mr. Moore is a masterful self-promoter, that 20 grand wouldn't go very far in the P.R. world but lending it to Assange...genius.  
For readers of this blog the more important question is "How have Moore's recent market calls panned out?" Let's take a look.

From our October 22, 2010 post "Michael Moore: Financial/Nutriton Advisor":
3. Do not invest in the stock market. If you have any extra cash, put it away in a savings account or, if you can, pay down on your mortgage so you can own your home as soon as possible. You can also buy very safe government savings bonds or T-bills. Or just buy your mother some flowers....

5. Take care of yourself and your family. Sorry to go all Oprah on you, but she's right: Find a place of peace in your life and make the choice to be around people who are not full of negativity and cynicism. Look for those who nurture and love. Turn off the TV and the Blackberry and go for a 30-minute walk every day. Eat fruits and vegetables and cut down on anything that has sugar, high fructose corn syrup, white flour or too much sodium (salt) in it (and, as Michael Pollan says, "Eat (real) food, not too much, mostly plants")...
Fourteen months later the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 1384 points (13.72%) and Mike is still fat.

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