Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear General Electric, Siemens: Spanish Consortium to Develop World's Largest Wind Turbine (AMSC; GE; SI)

Back in May we posted "Dear General Electric, Siemens: American Superconductor to Begin Licensing 10 MW Wind Turbine this Year (AMSC; GE; SI)":
As someone knowledgeable about the industry said, "Holy crap!"...
Here's the latest, from Renewable Energy World:

Spanish Companies Plan a 15-MW Wind Turbine 
A consortium of Spanish wind companies is looking to develop the largest wind turbine in the world.  
Spanish companies like Gamesa, Iberdrola and Acciona have emerged as dominant players in the global wind market. Last week, they announced a project that will solidify Spain's role as a leader: A 15-MW offshore wind turbine using only Spanish components, labor and research capabilities.