Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things You didn't Know: "How do I hypnotize a chicken?" -Al Gore Variant

From Mental Floss:

How do I hypnotize a chicken?

Screen shot 2010-02-24 at 2.48.04 AMThe chicken mind is easy to control, and chicken handlers have found several ways of hypnotizing chickens. Three methods known to make a chicken very, very sleepy are: 1) holding a chicken’s head under its wing and gently rocking its body, 2) holding a chicken upside down and wiggling a finger in circles around its beak, and 3) staring intently into a chickens’ eyes. Chickens will stay spellbound for several minutes, or even hours, until a loud noise snaps them out of their trance. Scientists think this state is a form of tonic immobility, a defense mechanism in which animals “play dead” in order to shake off a predator. Hypnotized chickens can so resemble inanimate objects that Vice President Al Gore recalled using them as paperweights and doorstops during his childhood days on the farm.

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There's a certain irony in the answer.