Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Madoff Daughter-in-Law, Grandchildren Looking To Ixnay On The Adoffmay Amenay"

Great headline from DealBreaker. Their take on the story:
It’s not that Stephanie Madoff, wife of Mark, sister-in-law of Andy, D-in-L of Bernie and Ruth isn’t proud of the name or family she married into. Far from it. It’s just that she’s been thinking about it and it just doesn’t “mesh” so well with the image she’s going for.

Stalin would be better. Or, hey, how about Hitler? Manson? Wouldn’t have to changed the monogrammed towels. That’s always something to consider. Think about it. Stephanie Madoff, who is married to the imprisoned moneyman’s son Mark, asked a court last night to let her and the children take the last name Morgan....MORE