Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Cantor to launch futures exchange for film buffs"

Because the market has been crying out for the instruments?
Because we just don't have enough prop bets?
Because they can?
From Reuters:
Traders will soon be able to place possibly the surest bet around: the next James Cameron film.

Cantor Fitzgerald said on Monday it expects to launch an electronic futures exchange next month that would allow investors to bet on box office returns for movies.

The closely held broker dealer expects the new asset class, films, to attract anyone from a producer or studio shoring up financing, to a hedge fund, to an individual film buff putting his money where his mouth is.

"People love movies, and this is a way for them to profit from what they know," said Melanie Gordon-Felsman, a Cantor spokeswoman. "Let's say you love 'Avatar,' and you loved 'Titanic,' and (director) James Cameron's coming out with his next movie -- so you want to get in the game.">>>MORE

Alrighty then. Action baby, Action.