Thursday, February 25, 2010

"China Global Investment Tracker: 2010"

From the Heritage Foundation:

China's financial behavior is increasingly important to the United States and the international community. The China Global Investment Tracker created by The Heritage Foundation is the only publicly available, comprehensive dataset of large worldwide Chinese investments and contracts beyond Treasury bonds. Details are available on over 200 attempted transactions -- failed and successful -- over $100 million in all major industries, including energy, mining, transportation and banking.

...China's investment total could be higher. Over $100 billion in proposed spending has been rejected by foreign or Chinese regulators or has failed due to mistakes by Chinese firms....MORE

Download the dataset on large Chinese foreign investments: China Global Investment Tracker

HT: Foreign Policy's Passport blog who write:

The Heritage Foundation has pulled together a fascinating study of Chinese investment -- showing (with really nice charts and maps!) just where all of those yuan are heading overseas....

...Why is China spending so much in Greece? Shipping?....MORE