Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Solar Stocks Lift On Latest Twist In German Subsidy Saga" (FSLR)

The Grassy Knoll Theory of Investing posits that "There is a They; and They Know".

I sure felt like that this morning, put out a mildly negative piece on First Solar's upcoming earnings and watch the stock jump seven percent.

The stock has a pattern of running up into earnings and then trailing off.

The better to short you my dear.
From Tech Trader Daily:

Solar stocks have apparently gotten a lift from the latest twist in the debate over German solar subsidies.

Heading into 201, investors had been anticipating a 10% cut in the country’s feed-in tariff effective July 1, Credit Suisse analyst Satya Kumar explains in a note this afternoon. Then in mid-January, there were reports that the country would cut the FIT 15% on April 1; subsequent reports pointed to a 16% cut, but not until June 1. Today, Kumar explains, there were German news reports that the law may have a loophole that will allow for higher subsidies for self consumption. Kumar notes, though, that over 97% of German installations are for more than 5KW, and not eligible for that treatment....MORE