Monday, November 9, 2009

The Incestuous Goldman Sachs-U.S. Government Nexus

Everyone knows about the revolving door between Goldman and Government. What you may not know is just how many slots have been filled by Goldman alums.
From Economic Policy Journal:

The Latest List of Goldman Player's Now in (or recently in) Government

Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton (Robert Rubin)

Treasury Secretary under George Bush (Hank Paulson)

Current president and former chairman of the New York Federal Reserve (William Dudley and Stephen Friedman)

Chief of Staff to current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (Mark Patterson)

Chief of Staff under President Bush (Joshua Bolten)

Economic adviser to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (Robert Hormats)

Chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Gary Gensler)

Under-Secretary of State for Economic, Business, and Agricultural affairs under President Bush (Reuben Jeffery)

The past and current heads of the New York Stock Exchange (John Thain and Duncan Niederauer)

The chief operating officer of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s enforcement division (Adam Storch)

Goldman’s new top lobbyist in Washington, Michael Paese, used to work for Barney Frank, the congressman who chairs the House Financial Services Committee.

In London, Goldman's former chief economist and partner, Gavyn Davies, is married to Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s special adviser Sue Nye. Under Tony Blair, Davies became chairman of the BBC....MANY MORE