Friday, November 20, 2009

Commodities: "Corn Mountains Growing "

Back on Oct. 2 we got a heads-up from Dr. Hazlett of Kansas' Climate+Energy project and posted "Commodities: "Harvest sure to overwhelm already full elevators". Here's an update from DTN's Market Matters blog:
A million-ton corn mountain has been built at the Central Valley Ag Oakland, Nebraska, and its twin isn't far behind.

They are taking in about 250,000 bushels of corn each day now, Tracy Denton, CVA eastern territory grain manager, told me, and they are drying 7,000 bushels an hour.

Moisture on corn coming in now is running mostly between 18 and 20 percent, about 3 points below a couple weeks ago, but is still an issue, Denton said.

The corn piled on the ground is typical for this time of year, but the big yields are "making it hard on everybody," Denton said. Harvest is no more than about 50 percent complete in this part of northeastern Nebraska, he said, adding that he hopes to be open to receive grain on Thanksgiving.