Monday, November 23, 2009

Commodities: "Dr. Copper: Still Rising, Despite Large Stockpiles"

Back in June we wrote "Copper Prices Rise as Dollar Slumps, Auto Sales Soar in China":
So you don't think we're some cupric come lately, we posted "Gold & silver vs. copper & uranium" March 12, the week that Cu started a move which to date has resulted in 11 out of 13 up-weeks (it was also up in January and February but I had other fish to fry)....
From MarketBeat:

Copper soared 5% last week to $3.1050 per pound on Comex. This year, the metal has more than doubled, rising 123%, The Journal reports. But Copper’s ongoing run-up is coming in the face of growing stockpiles of the metal.

The Journal’s Carolyn Cui and Andrea Hotter report that the stockpiles at London Metal Exchange warehouses are at their highest level since April. In China, the world’s biggest consumer of the metal, copper, stocks have risen sixfold at the Shanghai Futures Exchange this year....MORE
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Okay, that headline has not been endorsed by China's Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, but our old pal Ambrose Evans-Pritchard makes a connection in a sharp bit of analysis at our last link....
June 25
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With the exception of copper I have not been following the base metals preferring instead the relative tranquility of the lard/grease/tallow complex*.

Any losses suffered as a result of this post should be blamed on Adam Boyer and/or Money Morning Australia.

*See "Volatility Getting You Down, Bunky?":

Maybe it's time you looked into the tallow market.
The tallow/grease/lard complex has been traded for five thousand years:

2992 B.C.
Honey I'm home!
Hi dear, anything new in tallow?
Nope. Same ol', same ol'.

2008 A.D.

Here's a long term forecast for tallow:

Figure 1: Tallow and Crude Oil Prices: New Zealand Dollars per Litre...