Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goldman Sachs Does Fast Damage Control On Cat Story— What Else Can We Get Them To Do? (GS)

Following up on yesterday's "Goldman Sachs abandons kittens (we’re not making this up) GS" we have this from DealBreaker:

Earlier this morning, a report came out that Goldman Sachs, after promising to pay the vet bills and find homes for five kittens discovered on the site of their new headquarters this past August, had neither paid the bills nor found houses for those cats. Now, like magic, Goldman has put out a statement* that the vet has been paid off, and the cats adopted.

And that got us thinking— for a while now Goldman has been uncharacteristically trying to ingratiate itself to the public, and after this weekend’s latest attempt kind of backfired, they’re getting desperate. The old Goldman wouldn’t have thought twice about being accused of leaving those pussies out the cold but the new Goldman, sensitive to the hate, make it its first priority to squash any indication that they are anything but saintly. They want to keep us happy and they seem to be going to great lengths to make that happen. Basically we’ve got them right where we want them and I’d like to see what else we can get out of them.

Did Lloyd Blankfein promise you penthouse? A visit to the secret underground lair where he and Paulson (John, Hank has no business being there) decide the fate of all humanity, just so you could say you’ve been there?>>>MORE