Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mexicans Send Money North To Help Relatives In U.S.

From Boom2Bust:

...And, in a surprising turn of events, Mexicans are now sending money north to family members in the United States who have fallen upon hard times. From the New York Times last week:

During the best of the times, Miguel Salcedo’s son, an illegal immigrant in San Diego, would be sending home hundreds of dollars a month to support his struggling family in Mexico. But at times like these, with the American economy out of whack and his son out of work, Salcedo finds himself doing what he never imagined he would have to do: wiring pesos north.

Unemployment has hit migrant communities in the United States so hard that a startling new phenomenon has been detected: instead of receiving remittances from relatives in the richest country on earth, some down-and-out Mexican families are scraping together what they can to support their unemployed loved ones in the United States....MORE

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Amazing signposts on the road to economic perdition.
It's been going on a while, each recession gets a bit worse, from a 2002 Federal Reserve Board Open Market Committee transcript:
“There is growing anecdotal evidence that this may be due to Mexican immigrants departing the United States in search of a better life in Mexico”