Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cramer on BloggingStocks: Ag and shippers are the newest bull markets (CAT; DE; MON; POT)

It's been a while since we checked in on Mr. Cramer, although I'm told that our posts on Leonard the Wonder Monkey beating Jim* as a stock-picker are still getting visits.
Here's the latest via Blogging Stocks:'s Jim Cramer says it's not too late to get on board these rocket ships.

During the great narrow bull market that was 2006-2007, anyone who hitched a ride on any bulk or oil carrier, any DryShips (DRYS) (Cramer's Take) or Diana (DSX) (Cramer's Take), or any Frontline (FRO) (Cramer's Take) or Nordic American Tanker (NAT) (Cramer's Take), or anyone who bought anything ag-related -- Deere (DE) (Cramer's Take), Monsanto (MON) (Cramer's Take), Potash (POT) (Cramer's Take) -- looked like a genius.

Beginning midyear last year, you looked like a moron.
You are now about to look like a genius again....

...Ag's a little more difficult because there's still plenty that can go wrong. The fertilizer stocks don't have the ethanol story behind them, and the spur -- a 30% increase in corn prices -- may not be enough to turn the complex around. The companies, particularly Potash, have been famously promotional throughout the downturn and quick to call any spike up the beginning of a new bull market. Chinese orders haven't helped. But I think that this space, at last, is at a bottom worth playing, and the breakout has been furious....MORE
*Jim Cramer beats Monkey in Stock Picking Contest!
Original post:
(for one week only, the monkey is ahead on performance: see below)
"...You know what – I don’t work for Murdoch”

Cramer; Aug. 20 show. Then he said let Cramer be Cramer or something, I wasn't paying attention, I was reading Warren Buffett's story about arbitraging cocoa beans against an equity.

Turns out Cramer was responding to the Barron's story
"Shorting Cramer" which had this line:

When we asked Cramer and CNBC for their own records of Mad Money's stock-picking performance, they had more excuses than a Tour de France cyclist dodging a blood test....MORE