Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goldman Sachs abandons kittens (we’re not making this up) GS

UPDATE:"Goldman Sachs Does Fast Damage Control On Cat Story— What Else Can We Get Them To Do? (GS)"
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From New Deal 2.0:

Just when you think that Goldman can’t lose any more of its shine, The Villager newspaper of Lower Manhattan reports that the firm has neglected to pay the vet bills for homeless kittens found in its nearly-completed Battery Park City headquarters. An editorial offers an apology to America on behalf of the corporate behemoth:

“Since Goldman Sachs has been a big part of the Lower Manhattan fabric for almost a century and a half, we’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to the rest of the country on behalf of our neighbor, a financial giant personifying much of what is wrong on Wall St.

Before we get to the multibillion-dollar stuff, we’d first like to apologize that the firm has not yet paid a few thousand dollars of vet bills for the five kittens born in its headquarters building nearing completion in Battery Park City. In August, after our sister publication Downtown Express reported the kittens’ discovery, Goldman offered to pay the bills and encourage its employees to adopt the ‘BlackBerries.’...MORE

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