Monday, November 2, 2009

Climateer Line of the Day: Cap-and-Trade Edition

From the New York Times' Dot Earth blog:
...It would take 20 years to fix the mess that Congress, with the help of special interests, seems intent on creating.
-James E. Hansen, PhD., Goddard Institute for Space Studies
I've disagreed with some of J.E.H.'s tactics, comments and even science but on the C&T policy prescription he's right and has been right for a while now. He's also incurred the wrath of some self-proclaimed "Progressives" for his stance.

Environmental Capital also had a post on the EPA lawyers. There's an excellent, well-reasoned, almost Shakespearean comment.
[umm, two out of three? -ed]
If Cap-and-Trade is So Terrible, What’s the Alternative?