Monday, November 2, 2009

California: "John Doerr For Governor?"

From Tech Trader Daily:

Now here’s a novel idea.

In an op-ed piece in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday, Hoover Institution fellow Bill Whalen proposes that billionaire venture capitalist John Doerr jump into the California governor’s race. Whalen is kind of an odd person to make this suggestion; he was the chief speechwriter for former governor Pete Wilson; he’s also served as a media consultant for, among other people, current governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Both Republicans.) But is is nonetheless an intriguing idea.

For one thing, the proposal follows San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom’s withdrawal from the race, basically ceding the Democratic nomination to none other than Governor Moonbeam himself, the apparently ageless Jerry Brown....MORE

The bigwigs of the valley were serious Obamaniacs in the run-up to the general election even while Santa Clara county went for Hillary, 53.8%, to Barack Obama's 41.1% in the primary.