Tuesday, December 11, 2007

INDIA: First fast-breeder reactor to be operational by '09

One word: thorium.
From the Times of India:

India’s first 500 mega watt (MW) fast-breeder reactor is likely to be operational by 2009. There are four such reactors being built in the country with the first one at Kalpakkam near Chennai by Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nagam (Bhavini).

Confirming this development, BK Chaturvedi, member Planning Commission, told ET: “India has huge thorium reserves, which can enable it to sustain 50,000-60,000 MW of power by 2050. A lot will depend upon the fast-breeder reactor being developed in the country. The first 500 MW fast-breeder reactor may be operational by 2009. As more of this gets built up, use of thorium would go up.” ...MORE