Monday, December 17, 2007

The Revolving Door Between Government Green and the Carbon Markets

First we had Nicholas Stern join IDEAGlobal, parent of IDEACarbon, as Vice Chairman.

Here's Sir Nicholas on what Bali was all about:

"Bali Will Set in Motion a Process That Will Define the Structure of the Carbon Markets for Decades to Come"
LONDON, December 12 /PRNewswire/ --

- "By 2020 the Global Carbon Market Could be Worth EUR 240-450 Billion" says Lord Nicholas Stern, Vice Chairman of IDEAGlobal Group, in the inaugural issue of CARBONfirst

The year-end in climate change is dominated by the Bali conference. In the inaugural issue of CARBONfirst, Lord Stern outlines his views on the impact of the summit on the global carbon market. "The main objective of the summit is to agree on a roadmap for a Kyoto successor by the end of 2009".

CARBONfirst is IDEAcarbon's strategic advice service. CARBONfirst provides timely, customised and forward-looking intelligence on carbon markets and climate change policy. Lord Stern is Vice Chairman our parent company, IDEAglobal Group. The launch issue of CARBONfirst also contains a feature article by IDEAcarbon Chairman Ian Johnson and an exclusive discussion with James L. Connaughton, Senior Environmental Advisor to US President George Bush....MORE

Then, of course, Al Gore joined Kleiner Perkins.

Now via Reuters:

British climate official to become IETA president

An international greenhouse gas emissions group has tapped a British climate change official to be its president and CEO, the group said on Monday.

Henry Derwent, currently the director of international climate and air at the UK Department for Environment, will take the top position at the International Emissions Trading Association on February 18, according to a release from IETA.

Derwent has been closely associated with the development of greenhouse gas trade in the UK and Europe and has overseen the UK's role in international negotiations. Before that, he was a corporate finance executive at an investment bank.

He said IETA will be promoting market mechanism solutions in North America, Europe and developing countries to help find a successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol.

"Business has to act together if trading is to achieve its full potential and a truly global market is to be created out of a mushrooming number of national and regional schemes," Derwent said in the release....MORE

And that is why our blog descriptor, right under our title, is Money Matters.