Monday, December 17, 2007

"Finally, climate changes for India." The Real World. AND: The Last Word on Bali

I may be getting too old to follow the politics of Global Warming.
First a snip from the Times of India, then
"Climateer's Senescence: Exposed".

From the ToI:
After two weeks of diplomatic dogfights at Bali, India, led by Science and Technology Minister Kapil Sibal, clinched an almost impossible deal at the UN conference on climate change.

It successfully defended itself against imposition of binding targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And, just as significantly, it isolated an obstinate US, cornered other rich countries - such as the EU member states - and made them accept the responsibility of funding and supporting transfer of clean technologies to developing countries....MORE

I'm confused. What was all the jet-setting lip-flapping about?
The U.S. position was against binding targets.
So was India's.
So was Russia's.
So was Canada's.
So was Japan's.
So was Brazil's.
So was China's.

That's four of the G-8.
All of the BRIC's.
The two largest democracies in the world.
The two most populous countries in the world.
That's where the world is, the day after Bali.

I'll give the last word to Almuth Ersting via Celsias:

Almuth Ernsting from BiofuelWatch, referring to talks at Bali, used even harsher words:

This is not about saving the planet. It’s quite simply a trade show, and all the different proposals are about making carbon trading more efficient or getting this or that industry or government to profit a bit more whilst we move ever faster towards mass extinction. I wonder if, in years to come, we’ll look back on UNFCCC meetings as climate change profiteering conferences. - Climate Change Action