Friday, December 14, 2007

Australia: The hot stocks of 2008

I like the "To state the bleeding obvious..." bit.

From the Daily Telegraph:

It is the question economists and investors alike have been peddling for some years now.

When will this unprecedented bull market come crashing to a prolonged halt?

The increasingly buoyant Australian stockmarket is just about to complete its 17th year uninterrupted of growth and upward momentum.

To state the bleeding obvious, we are getting closer and closer to a major downturn that could make the August 07 mini-collapse look like a storm in a teacup.

Despite this, analysts remain convinced market growth will continue fervently throughout 2008, as the local bourse finally digests the sub-prime hiccup and matures relatively unabated.

So if now is a good time to invest, what should one be looking at?

Well, today The Daily Telegraph makes it easy for you.

Australia's leading analysts have given the inside word on the hottest stocks for 2008.

Craig James, Commsec

Rio Tinto (RIO) - Subject to takeover speculation from rival BHP-Billiton and rumours of takeover bids coming from China. Will also continue to benefit from Chinese industrialisation. Current: $137.24; Year High: $149.99 (Nov 07); Year Low: $69.35 (Jan 07).

Graincorp (GNC) - Hit hard by the drought in the last six months...MORE