Friday, May 14, 2021

Jeff Bezos buys $500M superyacht amid luxury industry boom

He also sold $6.7 billion worth of AMZN, That is so much money that it would take 335 demi-billionaires, each buying $20 million worth, to balance.

Liquidity is good.

From the New York Post:

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will reportedly soon take delivery of a $500 million mega-yacht — proof that the niche industry for billionaires is in its prime.

The world’s richest man — currently worth $191 billion — is expected to soon get his project Y721 yacht, which is due to be finished next month, years after he ordered it, according to Bloomberg Wealth.

While details are mostly being kept under wraps, the vessel will be 417 feet long, span several decks and have three huge masts — and even have its own support yacht with a helipad, according to the outlet....


The yacht has a yacht.