Friday, May 21, 2021

Meanwhile In Ireland: State Does Not Pay Ransom, Hackers Turn Over Decryption Key

Apparently Russia not sending their best.

From RTÉ, May 20:

No ransom has been paid by the Irish State in order to secure a decryption key to unlock Health Service Executive and Department of Health data stolen during a ransomware attack, the Minister for Health has said.

The organised cyber crime group behind the attack has provided the decryption key, which is now being checked by the commercial IT specialist company employed by the HSE, but there is some evidence that it works.

The decryption tool may be able to unlock the data that was disabled by the ransomware, but it will not be utilised on HSE systems until the IT specialists are certain it does not contain any other malware or will not further damage the systems.

This is expected to take a few days as it will have to be first tested on virtual systems.

However the organised cyber crime group still have the stolen data and can still put confidential patient information and medical records into the public domain and sell it on to other criminals for extortion and blackmail.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said no ransom has been paid by the State in order to secure the key.

The National Cyber Security Centre and gardaí believe the organised crime group behind the attack is known as 'Wizard Spider' and is based in and around St Petersburg in Russia....


And the state of Florida thanks RTÉ for eliminating the chance of its good name being besmirched by those whose first thought would be St. Pete, south. See: